The importance of Ojas

I want to explain ojas in a simple way. And find that it is not simple. How do you simply explain that which cannot be seen, yet is the key to perfect health? Ojas is what we have when everything is going well in our body and spirit.

If we are able to maintain Ojas, then we will have balance in all the doshas, will feel strong, and will be able to resist disease because energy will be freely flowing.

Ojas is the end product of perfect digestion, but it is even more than that. It actually is a connection between consciousness and matter.  And it is what nourishes and maintains the seven tissues of the body. It is increased by:

  • developing good digestion and balanced diet
  • developing consciousness
  • positivity in feelings, speech, and behavior
  • love, joy, and appreciation

Ojas is decreased by:

  • entertaining negative emotions
  • stress and hurrying
  • excessive exercise
  • rough, light diet
  • staying awake through the night
  • alcohol
  • anything that is depleting

If you are feeling tired, weak, depressed, stressed, sluggish, unhappy, and get sick frequently, then you probably are low on ojas.

We need to go beyond the body in our quest for good health. Bodily health begins with good digestion, but it is at least as important to develop a positive mental outlook and increase our consciousness and awareness.

How do you do that, you may be wondering? I recommend you read this excellent article for some food for thought. Additionally, having a consistent  effortless meditation practice such as Heart-Based Meditation is an excellent way to develop consciousness. If you would like to learn this technique, please contact me. I can teach it via video chat and there is never any monetary cost.



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