Work with me

Think you’ve tried everything?

You try to eat right and exercise. You’ve probably tried all kinds of diets.  You go to the doctor for regular checkups, and take your medicine as prescribed.

In spite of it all, you are still lacking energy and vibrancy in your daily life.

You can’t seem to stick to a regime, and feel guilty for “failing”. You make new resolutions, and feel better for a while. But you still feel tired and barely able to function some days, or you can’t sleep, or you have some symptoms that the doctor can’t seem to fix. And you really want to drop a few pounds and keep them off!

You’re out of balance, and deep inside, you know there’s gotta be something that works.

You keep at it, look and feel better for a while, but nothing sticks.

I get it. I’ve always pursued healthy eating and healthy living, through the years of raising my children, through menopause and beyond. In my 30’s I was a sort of “mother earth”. I gardened, sewed clothes for my family, made bread, yogurt and a multitude of other goodies from scratch, homeschooled and homebirthed my children. In my 40’s I took up running and motorcycle riding while struggling through a bad relationship. In the process I burned up a whole lot of energy, and found myself tired, depressed, and looking for answers. I tried different ways of eating, pushed myself to exercise more, and began taking bioidentical hormones.  The hormones helped, for awhile, and I took them for seven years, but it wasn’t until I found Ayurveda that things really turned around for me.

You want the tools to turn your health around for good. Contact me here and I will help you access those tools. I’m not talking about vitamins or supplements or following rigid rules about eating. I’m talking about helping you understand your own unique constitution and set your own unique goals in order to put you on the road to more energy and a more vibrant life.



Sara Moser is an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, and Heart-based Meditation Instructor. She is also a Registered Nurse with 40 years of experience working in neonatology,  hospice, and everything in between. She is a graduate of New World Ayurveda, one of only four schools certified by AAPNA, the Association of Ayurvedic Practitioners of North America. She is a member of NAMA, the National Ayurvedic Medical Association.

Sara loves connecting with women who look to the outside world like they have it all together, but inside they know that they want more, because she has been there. These women, and maybe you are one of them,  want vibrant health and wellness from the inside out. They want to make positive lasting change in their life but haven’t been able to do it on their own.

Sara works with women who want to access more vibrancy and growth and have not found that through western medicine. They want to experience wellness, not just take pills for problems. Most of her clients are women who have hormonal imbalances, weight and digestive issues, are struggling with stress, anxiety, and depression, or have physical pain. They are seeking something better. She offers a fresh and unique perspective of life and health and provides direction for simple lifestyle changes to create balance. In exploring new ways to better health, a greater connection to source is discovered, resulting in not just better physical health, but a new inner peace.

If you identify with these words, or feel like you are at the end of your rope, contact Sara Moser. She has the knowledge, education, and personal experience to help you turn things around and find the power within you to have a healthy and happy life.

After raising seven children and an assortment of animals, Sara now has a quieter life. She lives with her husband in their cozy home near Houston and enjoys spending time with her three grandchildren, doing as much yoga as possible, and traveling to new places.